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How Our Drayage Solutions Attract Heavy Cargo Shippers

Drayage transportation is an essential part of any cargo shipment’s journey to its final destination. Finding the right drayage company to help ensure the security of your cargo and the efficiency of its travel is critical. At Heavy Weight Transport, we specialize in drayage and intermodal transportation for heavy cargo. This article will discuss the importance of intermodal transportation services, drayage rates, and how drayage solutions through Heavy Weight Transport can offer you the best possible drayage experience. 

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The Importance of Intermodal Transportation Services

Drayage solutions are one of the most important and overlooked steps in the global supply chain. Drayage accounts for billions of dollars in transported cargo each year. An intermodal drayage company is responsible for transporting heavy cargo across short distances. There are several different forms of drayage that all account for certain specializations within the industry. Pier drayage is drayage delivery from a rail hub to a pier or dock, for example. Other forms of drayage include intra-carrier, inter-carrier, shuttle drayage, and more. 

Drayage shipping is essential because of its focus on heavy cargo. Some of the most popular items shipped via container include construction equipment, automobiles, and electronics. These items are incredibly heavy and sometimes oddly shaped, in the case of construction equipment. Factors like weight and shape mean looking for a company that specializes in drayage, not just any average transportation. 

What Makes a Good Drayage Company? 

Choosing the right drayage carrier means looking for the best drayage solutions and the best customer service. Drayage companies who specialize in intermodal transportation services will typically have their own fleet of trucks. This makes it especially important in trusting the company you hire. Be sure to ask questions about shipment tracking, drayage rates per mile, and delivery timelines. Here are a few other things to consider.


A good drayage carrier company will have expertise in their field. The more experience with drayage, the better. A longer-standing company with their own fleet typically equates to a better customer experience. These companies understand the ins and outs of the drayage industry. This means that they will know how to best take care of you and your cargo. 

Consistency and Versatility 

The best drayage carriers will be loyal, consistent, and versatile. At Heavy Weight Transport, our word is our bond. We strive to give you the best customer service experience possible. This includes efficiency and consistency in scheduling. A drayage company should be able to meet your deadlines and work easily within your schedule. Their equipment and offerings should also be able to meet your needs. A drayage company that can adapt to your needs and account for change is invaluable. 

Asset-Based Carriers

Finding an asset-based drayage carrier will always be in your best interest. Asset-based carriers like Heavy Weight Transport are equipped with their own trucks and chassis. This means that no matter what the cargo shipment includes, we know what equipment we need to bring to the job. Hiring an asset-based carrier gives you a guarantee that your cargo will be handled and transported securely. Other carriers who are not asset-based may not have the proper equipment to transport your shipments. It might also take a longer time to schedule due to the wait time on necessary equipment. Skip the wait and get scheduled immediately with an asset-based carrier. 

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Drayage Rates Per Mile

Drayage solutions and transport are the shortest part of a cargo shipment’s journey. However, drayage rates are still an important factor for any business. A typical drayage rate will consist of the type of packaging, the shipment weight, the transported distance, and the freight’s transportability. Drayage rates per mile are typically going to remain consistent, but there are other ways to decrease your drayage costs. Consolidating materials, shipment documentation, and mixed load shipment separation will all play a significant part in decreasing the cost of your drayage shipment.  

Keeping Solutions Simple

At Heavy Weight Transport, we are focused on keeping the business simple. Our drayage shipping approach is streamlined and straightforward. Drayage solutions do not have to be complicated or confusing. Instead, we center our intermodal drayage company around trust, loyalty, and candidness with our clients. 

Overweight Shipping

Overweight shipping, in the simplest of terms, is the shipment of more goods in less space. This is one incredibly valuable form of drayage that we specialize in at Heavy Weight Transport. If you are shipping a large quantity of items, consider overweight shipping. With access to and experience with many different types of shipping containers, we know how to handle large loads. With the right amount of material, overweight shipping can be a cheaper option than conventional shipping. We are equipped with the necessary technology and equipment needed for this type of drayage, and can guarantee safe passage for any cargo. 

GPS Tracking

We use GPS tracking on every single truck and shipment to give you a safety guarantee. Tracking the location of your shipment is a readily available service on our website. Heavy Weight Transport is committed to keeping our word, being forthright with our customers, and owning our actions. Part of that commitment manifests in keeping you in the know. Every shipment we complete is equipped with tracking capabilities so you can keep track of your cargo. 

Our Mission

At Heavy Weight Transport, we are committed to positively impacting the global community through exceptional and ethical service. We have a strong passion for our work as an intermodal drayage company and are committed to offering the best possible service for your shipping needs. Drayage is an essential part of global trade. We want to leave a positive mark. 

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Heavy Weight Transport: Here for Your Shipping Needs 

At Heavy Weight Transport, we are here for your drayage and heavy weight shipping needs. Our intermodal transportation services are available across the coasts in California, Georgia, South Carolina, New Jersey, Texas, and Tennessee. We are stationed alongside some of the largest seaports in the country by tonnage. We are passionate about our work and dedicate ourselves to offering the best possible drayage services.