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Why Choose Heavy Weight Transport for Your Heavy Haul Solutions?

Searching for heavy haul solutions for your heavy cargo does not have to be difficult. Heavy Weight Transport is equipped with the best logistics and fleet to assist with your transport needs. This article will discuss Heavy Weight’s trucking services, heavy haul logistics, and the purpose of a heavy haul freight broker. 

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Heavy Hauling and Trucking Services

Not every trucking company is equipped with heavy haul solutions. Carriers like Heavy Weight focus on heavy loads and oversized cargo and have special tools and services to offer. 


Heavy haul trucking companies use special technology that allows for improved heavy haul logistics. Specialized rigging and loading tools allow for heavy cargo to be easily loaded and secured onto flatbeds or in trucks. Load spreaders and dunnage aid in weight distribution, which ensures the security of the cargo and other drivers on the road. Specialized heavy-weight tools like hydraulic jacks are also used to help position cargo. At Heavy Weight Transport, we have a fleet of chassis that were designed by our team to aid in transport and loading. 

Non-Divisible Loads

Some of the most common heavy haul cargo are vehicles, construction equipment, and heavy machinery. These items are considered non-divisible loads because they cannot be taken apart or loaded into different trucks. Roads and bridges across the United States have a weight limit to prevent damage to roads. When the transport of extremely heavy or oversized cargo comes into play, carriers like Heavy Weight have the proper permits to allow for transport. Not every company has vehicles that can withstand the weight and bulk of overweight freight, nor do they have the proper permits to carry it. Heavy Weight has both. 


One of Heavy Weight’s hauling and trucking services is drayage. Drayage is a short-distance form of intermodal transportation. It plays an essential role in the global supply chain. Typically, drayage is used to transport heavy freight from one shipping hub to another, like from a cargo ship to a train or temporary storage. This cargo is often transported in bulk or as heavy cargo, like vehicles. Heavy Weight is proud to specialize in drayage as one of its heavy haul services. 

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Heavy Haul Logistics

Well-developed heavy haul solutions mean understanding the logistics of each type of cargo. Many different types of cargo may be shipped in heavy haul sizes, like foodstuffs, vehicles, metal, or other materials and equipment. No matter what type of cargo you are looking to ship, Heavy Weight is prepared to help. We have logistics sorted out for any and all types of freight. 

Higher Capacity

Heavy haul fleets like Heavy Weight mean that our trucks are built with a higher capacity than conventional cargo carriers. This means that you can minimize the number of trucks needed to complete your shipment. This ultimately offers you a more cost-efficient mode of transportation for your cargo. Additionally, fewer trucks create fewer carbon emissions, helping you minimize your environmental impact. 


Our experience with transporting heavy cargo means that we have more experience with the unexpected. We are familiar with solving unique problems or concerns that arise when shipping oversized freight. Our heavy haul solutions include knowledge of regulations for different types of cargo, as well as security measures like GPS tracking on all of our shipments.  

Why is Heavy Haul Important? 

Hauling and trucking services are extremely important to national business and the global supply chain. Trucks move almost 75% of the nation’s freight by weight. This accounts for billions of dollars worth of cargo that are moving across the United States every year. Heavy haul and drayage can often go overlooked as a part of the supply chain. However, it is essential to the fluid motion of the industry. Without heavy haul and drayage, unloading imported shipments or loading exports becomes significantly more difficult, if not impossible. One of the U.S.’s biggest exports is cars. Heavy Weight Transport is equipped to transport vehicles easily, a skill that is not shared by every carrier company. 

What is a Heavy Haul Freight Broker?

One way to connect with a heavy haul transport company like Heavy Weight is to do so through a freight broker. A freight broker is an intermediary between clients and heavy haul carriers. They are in charge of assessing cargo, commissioning the carrier, and ensuring the safe transport of goods. They provide support to both of the companies involved with the cargo transport – the cargo’s owners and the carriers. Freight brokers aid with heavy haul solutions where they can, and try to help increase the carrier’s revenue while also keeping the client’s costs down.

Heavy Weight Transport has a number of brokerage services across the country. We encourage you to talk directly to Heavy Weight before jumping immediately to a broker. For heavy haul services like drayage, working directly with a carrier is to your advantage. Brokers do not own their fleets. Therefore, they cannot give the same guarantees as Heavy Weight. Brokers can be helpful, but Heavy Weight promises to move your cargo safely and quickly. 

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Work with Heavy Weight Transport

Whether you are considering working with a heavy haul freight broker or not, choose Heavy Weight Transport for all of your drayage and heavy haul carrying needs. Our heavy haul solutions are fully equipped to take care of your cargo. Our excellent customer service and specialized technology set us apart from other heavy haul and drayage carriers. Not every company can do what we do, and not every company can do it well. We have locations in Long Beach, CA; Savannah, GA; Charleston, SC; Elizabeth, NJ; Edison, NJ; Houston, TX and Cookeville, TN. Some of these states hold the highest percentages for in-state shipping in the country. We have experience with shipping any type of cargo you can imagine, and we do it well. Our local knowledge also makes us an excellent choice for short-distance transport. 

Join us at Heavy Weight Transport to get the best service, experience, and prices for your large cargo shipments. We are here to help!