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What Services Do Drayage Trucking Companies Offer?

For your drayage needs, it’s worth knowing more specifics about what drayage opportunities and options are out there to choose from. Drayage is a unique, long-standing form of transportation that can come in many forms and functions. This can be somewhat uniquely depending on your activities, processes, and the drayage trucking company you use. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the top drayage options that are out there to choose from, including different options for drayage trucking services, local trucking companies, and transportation service companies for your area. 

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Drayage Trucking Companies

Drayage can play many different roles as a form of short-distance transportation. This is typically true within the same metropolitan area as one part of one complete transport of a given shipment of goods. It plays an essential role in the logistics industry, with the ability to also play a role in cold chain logistics. So, understanding how drayage works can help you get the most out of it and other shipment processes to better serve your needs and business goals. Drayage helps to fill certain gaps in intermodal shipping, moving large freight containers for a ship, truck, or rail. It serves a critical role in the movement of freight.

Benefits of Transport Service Companies

Just as drayage trucking involves the truck and vehicle-specific drayage processes, drayage service companies are those that offer these trucks for goods shipping and transportation. Transportation of goods is a complex process. It typically involves multiple companies to complete a given transport of a single load. So, there are many benefits to using a trucking company. This includes improved cost efficiency, access to the newest technology, saving time, improved risk management, and ease of expansion and scalability. 

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Improved Cost Efficiency

The costs of managing and overseeing your shipping efforts can be much more than if you use a trucking logistics company. 

Access to New Technology

Shipping industry technology continues to grow rapidly, with exciting advancements in warehouse automation and access to the newest developments for users.

Improved Time Efficiency

Trucking logistics companies have vast experience with storing and shipping goods, making processes faster and more time-efficient.

Better Risk Management

There are various potential risks to supply chain processes you can reduce with a bonded, licensed, and insured trucking company.

Expansion and Scalability

A logistics company can also provide more knowledge and experience to help you expand your business into emerging markets and new locales.

Local Trucking Companies

Local companies have become especially strained due to self-isolating guidelines and quarantine but still need to meet supply and demand. However, in addition to the benefits of using a regular transportation service company, there are some other benefits to using a local trucking company. Many business owners continue to rely on local trucking services for managing the delivery of products and supplies. With the increased need for dedication and dependability to customers, staying local is a great way to maintain the safety of the largest number of people within delivery and shipment services. 

Local companies can deliver your goods quickly to achieve the satisfaction of your customers through unprecedented times. With terminals in Charleston, New York, Savannah, Los Angeles, and Houston, Heavy Weight Transport has many great options for working locally and showing some impactful local trucking company support in various areas of the country. Some of the additional benefits of using a local trucking company include:

  • dedication and dependability
  • support for your community
  • increased knowledge of the local area

Dedication and Dependability

Local trucking companies have a strong reputation in their communities, and local word-of-mouth helps you to know of their dependability for efficient, safe service.

Support for Your Community

Local businesses and small businesses rely on each other and the community for support. Using a local business in your community helps serve you and sustain your community.

Knowledge of the Area

Local companies also have more expertise and knowledge of the area than others in the trucking industry. Thus, they have a better grasp on the best routes and roadways to save you time and money.

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Drayage Trucking Services

What are drayage trucking services? This refers to any of the drayage processes specific to drayage trucks and other vehicle services within intermodal shipping and other logistics processes. Drayage carriers with necessary licensing and bonding take the freight containers out of rail terminals, warehouses, ocean ports, and harbors. Most often, this includes taking large steel shipping containers. They are taken off ship decks and rail cars and moved onto truck trailers. Then, containers are typically transported to a storage facility or warehouse in preparation for the next intermodal shipping step. Drayage truck transportation, like other drayage, is usually done in one trip. 

Most transportation companies offer trucks, trailers, and shipping containers. This is because each can achieve different drayage and shipping processes and bring you the highest levels of business success. These companies consistently work to improve:

  • volumes
  • efficiency
  • technology and information for the increased savings
  • production
  • revenue prospects of all involved parties

Some services can include intermodal, drayage, truckload, brokerage, tracking, and trucking. For Heavy Weight Transport, some unique offerings include a private chassis fleet, cargo weight matrix, multiple cross-dock terminals and warehouses, heavy cargo options, and consistent visibility of freight shipments.

Private Chassis Fleet 

In addition to operations throughout the country, there is a dependable fleet of multi-axle chassis for sealed ocean loads weighing up to 64,000 pounds.

Cargo Weight Matrix 

There is also an available cargo weight matrix with suggested maximum loading capacities with the option for additional weight capacities with separate permits.

Cross Dock Terminals and Warehouses 

Options for short and long-term storage for certain commodities are available with the highly cost-efficient cross-dock terminals and warehouses.

Heavy Cargo Options 

For ultimate cost savings, enjoy more weight and thus product with your shipments with the heavy cargo program.

Visibility of Freight Shipments 

Heavy Weight Transport also offers full transparency with continual GPS locating. 

Impactful Services From the Best

There are many impactful drayage trucking services through transport service companies. For ultimate local benefits and the most impactful unique service options, choose Heavy Weight Transport today.