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We are the sealed heavy weight ocean borne container specialists

A quick introduction to the services of
Heavy Weight Transport, Inc.

Heavy Weight Transport, Inc is an asset based drayage company with our own private chassis fleet. We operate around the country and have terminals in New York, Charleston, Savannah, Houston, and Los Angeles. 

Our reliable fleet of multi-axle chassis are specially created to haul sealed ocean container loads weighing up to 64,000 pounds. This allows us a greater ability to move containers that most others cannot. 

Not only is our entire fleet of tractors younger and newer, but they also comply with any and all local and state regulations for heavy weight freight. We carry all of the standard overweight permits that may be needed so you do not need to worry. In fact, our specialty is moving heavy cargo loads legally per state maximums. Our cargo weight matrix will provide you with suggested maximum loading capacities. However, we can carry loads or ocean containers at additional weight with separate permits. 

Of course, we are happy to move legal weight loads or ocean containers. However, one of our premier services is hauling what may be considered an overweight load legally. 

During the shipping process, it is exceedingly common for ocean containers to be limited not by the amount of cargo that is loaded into the ocean container, but by its overall weight. By using our heavy container program, this allows you to load even more cargo on each ocean container. This will bring down your door to door costs per carton, pallet, or ton. 

Not only do we offer multiple cross dock terminals and warehouses, but we can also offer both long and short term storage for select commodities. 

We provide efficient cross docking near the ports. This cross docking along with significantly reduced ocean container freight charges yields dramatic savings for shippers. 

We also offer transparency and convenience. Our chassis and tractor telemetry with GPS location provides capability for continual visibility of your freight shipment.

Heavy Weight Transport is certified to transport bonded merchandise and is compliant with CBP regulations along with permitted to haul alcoholic beverages.

Proven performance coast to coast – Heavy Weight Transport.

Using specialized, lightweight equipment and proper permitting
Import & export shipments to and from ports and rail yards
Short term storage for creative supply chain solutions
Strategically situated facilities to change modes of transport
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Heavy Weight Transport, Inc. is the ideal source for all your business’s global network logistics. Our domestic and international partnerships include ocean freight, consolidation, truckload, LTL, expedited, intermodal and specialized services. With our multi-faceted and experienced team, we know how to provide the logistic solution you need when you need it.
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