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Warehousing in NJ

NJ Warehousing

If you are looking for NJ warehousing, Heavy Weight Transport is here to help. Heavy Weight Transport offers NJ warehousing services. If you have a load on your truck and you can’t deliver it, and you’re stuck in the NJ or NY area, you can drop it off at our warehouse and store it safely until you are ready to make your delivery. Our Edison warehouse is located conveniently near the ports of New York and New Jersey, and offers security for your goods until you are ready to pick them up and drive them to their final destination. We offer a safe place to store goods near your New Jersey customers by utilizing the space in our East Coast warehouse. 

What is Warehousing? 

Warehousing is the process of storing physical inventory for sale or distribution. It is an essential part of the supply chain for most types of businesses that sell physical products. Warehousing is an essential part of logistics. We know that several factors have made it a challenge to effectively and cost-effectively store and distribute your products. The global supply chain issues have wreaked havoc on the delivery and logistics industries. Warehousing goods and products offers a number of benefits. We offer the best contract warehousing in the area. That’s why our warehouses are used by several different companies in a variety of industries. 

Heavy Weight NJ Warehousing Services


Heavy Weight Transport offers contract warehousing and temperature-controlled facilities. Our NJ warehousing is your solution, no matter what load you’re carrying. If you are wondering, “where am I going to store this load that I can’t drop off?” You have found the right place. 

The Many Benefits of NJ Warehousing

Our New Jersey warehouse is ready to store your heavy loads that can’t be delivered right away, for whatever reason. Our NJ warehouse has the necessary space for all of your storage and warehousing needs. 

Convenient Location

Our East Coast warehouse is conveniently located in Edison, New Jersey, near the ports of New York and New Jersey. We know firsthand that it can be frustrating to navigate crowded ports. Our warehouse is located near local area highways and truck routes to make it easier for your trucks to access our warehouse facilities. 

Safety and Security

We know that your primary concern is to keep your goods safe. Our New Jersey warehouse is safe and secure. The security offered by a Heavy Weight warehouse is superior to any office building or other option. 

Storage of Nearly Any Product

We store a wide variety of products in our NJ warehouse. We know that proper management is key for storage. From lumber to wine and spirits, we store it all for you. The only products we do not handle are hazardous materials. 

Offers Flexibility to Do More Jobs

We know what it’s like to be stuck in New Jersey with a load you can’t deliver. Sometimes, things happen. And you need to get to your next job. That’s what our New Jersey warehouse is for. We ensure that you can drop off your load until it is time to deliver, so you can keep working with no delay. 

Track Your Materials 

You never have to worry about your goods when you warehouse with Heavy Weight. All of our services are supported by integrated information systems designed to provide you with real-time shipment information. 

Temperature-Controlled Facilities

Our warehouses are temperature-controlled to keep your products safe and at the right temperature at all times.

Short-Term and Long-Term Options

At Heavy Weight Transport, we understand that plans change all the time. That is why we offer flexible warehousing options, including both short-term and long-term arrangements.

We Have the Best Warehouse in New Jersey

warehousing rates

It is important to choose the right warehousing option for your business. Our team has years of experience in warehousing and logistics with a variety of industries. If you are looking for the best warehouse option to store your load in New Jersey, you have found us. We understand that proper management is critical to ensure the protection of your goods. 

Why You Should Choose Heavy Weight Transport’s New Jersey Warehousing 

Heavy Weight Transport offers multiple cross docking terminals and warehouses with both long and short-term storage for select commodities. Our company operates warehouses in New Jersey and Los Angeles, near the busiest ports in the country. In addition to our warehousing services, we also offer a wide range of services to smoothly transport your cargo, including drayage and transloading. Our specialized fleet of equipment allows us to transport overweight cargo across the nation. 

Other Services Offered by Heavy Weight Transport

Heavy Weight Transport’s mission is to positively impact the global community, including our community in Edison, New Jersey, by continually providing exceptional and ethical service in drayage, warehousing, and brokerage to importers and exporters in the United States, with a focus on heavy cargo. If you’re in LA on your next run instead of New Jersey, no problem! We also have a warehouse there. In addition, we offer drayage and transloading services. 

Warehousing with Heavy Height Transport in NJ 

Hopefully, the supply chain nightmare will come to an end soon. But in the meantime and beyond, we are here for you. If your business could benefit from warehousing services in the NJ area, you have found the right place. Heavy Weight Transport is the go-to warehousing solution in New Jersey because we offer the best warehousing solutions driven by our people, process, and technology. Contact Heavy Weight Transport for more information about our NJ warehousing services and our warehousing rates.