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Heavy Weight Transport: Resin Transportation

Resin might be a small product but it has a huge impact on today’s manufacturing industry. It is used in hundreds if not thousands, of different products we use in everyday life. In fact, the production of resin in the US reached 121 billion pounds in 2019. That’s an overwhelming amount of material that must go through the supply chain. Unfortunately, the nature of resin makes it a difficult product to ship and store. For this reason, you can’t trust just any transportation company with shipping resin products.

When dealing with such delicate materials, deciding on the best way to ship your products is no easy process. Unless, of course, you work with Heavy Weight Transport. Our team of trucking and logistics professionals knows we can efficiently bring your products to their destination in our modern semi trucks. There are a number of benefits to working with us for resin transportation, so let’s dig in.

Resin Transportation and Resin Storage

As with any product, shipping resin has certain challenges that need to be considered. For example, different resins have different densities. This can make it difficult to calculate freight costs if the shipping company is unfamiliar with this kind of product. In addition, some resins are prone to moisture absorption. While this may not seem like a big deal, it can lead to the degradation of the product or the alteration of its properties. This is why careful packaging and handling throughout the entire transportation process is so important. Properly trained drivers and handlers can make all the difference when it comes to your product getting to its destination safely.  

Resins can also be sensitive to fluctuations in temperature. Extreme heat or cold can lead to melting and deformation of resins, which is why proper climate-controlled containers must be considered. Always make sure your transportation company has the right equipment, including modern semi trucks. Finally, there are many different regulations that shipping companies must comply with when it comes to resin products. Some of these regulations include proper labeling, documentation, and adhering to safety standards. Again, this is where the experience of Heavy Weight Transport’s drivers comes into play.

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Shipping Resin: Benefits of Heavy Weight Transportation

The logistics of shipping resin can be very complicated. There are many specific factors that must be considered when working with this type of product. The most important thing is that the cargo gets to its destination safely and in tact. Luckily, Heavy Weight Transport can make overweight resin transportation much simpler and cost-effective. Other benefits of working with us include higher capacity, minimized environmental impact, compliance, and extensive experience.

Higher Capacity

Companies with regular shipping fleets might need to ship the same order in multiple stages, leading to a higher cost. Our heavy-weight fleet allows us to carry larger shipments and save you money. Heavy Weight Transport’s fleet of modern semi trucks can transport overweight shipments of up to 64,000 pounds, streamlining the shipping process for your business.

Better Cost-Effectiveness

When you’re able to ship resin in larger loads, it can save you a lot of money. Choosing an experienced transportation company that can handle large loads eliminates the cost of multiple trucks to transport the same quantity of products. 

Minimized Environmental Impact

Another benefit of using heavy weight transportation fleets is the reduced impact on the environment. Fewer trucks needed means there are fewer carbon emissions released into the environment. Your company’s stakeholders and customers will enjoy knowing that you provide products with a smaller environmental impact.

Experience and Compliance

One of the top reasons to work with Heavy Weight Transport is our highly skilled crew, with many years of experience to back up our expertise. Our crew takes complying with local, national, and federal regulations extremely seriously. We ensure that our experienced drivers have the proper permits for shipping overweight resin along with modern semi trucks that can handle such a unique product. You don’t want to risk having your shipments delayed because the transportation company didn’t follow the regulations. With us, you don’t have to worry about that.

Bonus Benefit: Versatility

An added bonus of working with Heavy Weight Transport for resin shipping is our versatility. We offer so much more than simply heavy weight trucking. Drayage, transloading, and GPS tracking of our trucks are other services we provide. In addition, we have cross-dock terminals, warehouses, and short-term resin storage options. When you combine all these services under one partner, you can streamline the resin transportation process. Here at Heavy Weight Transport, we are committed to meeting our customers’ ever-changing needs.

While resin transportation can be complicated, it doesn’t have to be. Choosing the right shipping partner who can offer you higher capacity, cost-effectiveness, lower environmental impact, and extensive experience will make the process much easier. 

Ship Resin Safely with Heavy Weight Transport

In recent years, resin supply chain challenges have highlighted the importance of choosing the right transportation partner. As production capacity continues to increase, it becomes more difficult to ship resin efficiently and effectively. But working with a company that has a fleet capable of carrying heavy weight means you’ll be able to move more materials at once.

When you’re looking for the right resin transportation partner, look no further than Heavy Weight Transport. Our team works hard to transport, transload, and store all of our clients’ shipments safely, no matter what kind of goods we are working with. With a range of services including drayage, transloading, and warehousing, we are confident that we can find a solution for your company’s products. When a local fleet just won’t meet your needs, you can rely on our heavy-weight fleet. Get in touch with us today to learn about how we can make resin transportation and storage simpler and more efficient.

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