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How Much Does a Drayage Truck Driver Make? 

When it comes to owner operator trucking jobs and company driving trucking jobs, there is no better job than being a drayage truck driver. Many people are unaware of how rewarding this job is and how much the average CDL driver salary is. This article will give a brief introduction of what a drayage is, how to become a drayage truck driver, how much a rough estimate of a drayage driver salary is, and why Heavy Weight Transport is one of the best trucking companies to work for

What is a Drayage Service? 

Drayage refers to a speciality logistics service that carries freight over a short distance. It is one of the most essential parts of intermodal shipping, which is the transportation of freight of a container or vehicle. According to the IANA (intermodal Association of North America). There are more than 60 million drayage movements every year in North America. If you’ve ever wondered how shipping services move large containers from a rail car to a ship or from a rail to a truck? It is all through drayage. 

Drayage carrier

How Can I Become A Drayage Trucker? 

Almost anyone can become a drayage trucker. One of the main requirements for most owner operator trucking jobs is getting a CDL (commercial driver’s license) and a few years of experience driving. Typically, it takes about seven weeks to obtain your license if you are attending a full-time driver training program. There is also a special permit that you need to enter a port. You will have to apply for a TWIC, which is a transportation worker identification card and get registered in the UIIA’s driver database. Once you have both the TWIC and are registered in UIIA, it is like being given a top-secret clearance in the trucking industry. The important thing to note is that not everyone who applies will get one. They can also be revoked if you fail to meet requirements. 

Here are the most common requirements that most employees ask for: 

  • TWIC Card (administered by TSA) 
  • Operate a 10-speed manual transmission 
  • 21 years of age or older (different states have different regulations on the age of truck drivers; however, most employers will only employ those over 21 years of age so they can cross state borders with loads.) 
  • No major accidents in the last 3 years 
  • No DUI/DWI 

What are the benefits of becoming a drayage truck driver at Heavy Weight Transport Inc.? 

1. You Have a Predictable Driving Schedule

Most trucking jobs require driving long distances for days on end. Though this is true for some situations, the reality is more diverse. For example, drayage work revolves around: 

  • Initiating the transportation process 
  • Loading shipping containers onto truck trailers 
  • Driving short distances on a daily basis 
  • Delivering freight to warehouses or storage areas 
  • Maintaining local routes in specific areas 

These deliveries have a quick turnaround time, though. Most drivers will find themselves doing a variety of jobs each day, while also being able to go home at the end of their shift. 

2. There is a High Demand for Drayage Drivers 

The job market has been tricky to navigate for a long time. The news is full of reports showing more people looking for work than there are jobs to employ them. However, this is not the case in the trucking industry, where a decreased supply of drivers is paired against an ever-increasing growth of imported goods coming into our country. This demand for properly trained workers has created a supportive environment for those looking to earn their CDL’s. It is not uncommon for employers to provide instruction on-site, or to pay for their new employees to go to driving school. Even better, upon graduation, class A drivers are able to be a source of immediate employment options. 

3. You have a greater sense of job security 

Once you get a CDL, you are sure to enjoy a level of job security that a lot of people can dream of. Whether you need to relocate to another city or find yourself interested in other facets of driving, your training goes with you, and there is a need for drivers in every state. The security also translates to the company you begin with as further training and experience open up new opportunities for advancement and growth. By getting your CDL Class A, you receive a rare ticket for future expansion that only a few licensures can promise. 

4. Enjoy Real Community and Tracking Culture 

In the trucking industry, driving for a carrier such as Heavy Weight Transport provides a great company culture. At Heavy Weight Transport specifically, you can enjoy a career field that is not only supportive of its employees but recognizes the environment in which they work in!  There’s a big chance to create strong relationships, high levels of communication, and to instill a sense of belonging. 

Drayage driver

How Much Does A Truck Driver Make? 

When it comes to how much a truck driver makes, the salary can vary for most owner operator trucking jobs, According to Zip Recruiter, the average cdl driver salary for an Intermodal Truck Driver in the United States is $55,763 a year. This works out to about $26.81 an hour. This is equivalent to about $1,072/week or $4,647. Of course, this depends on the company that you are working with, but this is an overall estimate to how much a truck driver makes. 

Why Is Drayage Important? 

Many retailers use retail venues and drainage service. Even though a shopping mall isn’t as busy as a port, there is still plenty of activity. Typically, in shopping malls, freight goes into and out of stores that don’t have external loading areas. For this reason, people have to coordinate the drainage services to unload the shipment at the back of the mall from the delivery truck and then carry it to the store. A common delivery hub usually exists at retail malls to provide services for stores to regularly cover short distances. Thus, a shopping mall depends on this short and efficient transport of goods that connects the store to the transport hub. The drayage service takes over the work to move the freight short distances from the loading dock to the retailer’s location. 


Another example is in the cold chain industry, where transporting frozen goods, ice cream, perishable goods, and other pharmaceutical products require refrigerated shipping. Drayage services are enormously valued because they can provide a cooling mechanism of their own while transferring this cold stuff from one mode of transportation to another. Thus, drayage services work in the background to maintain the prime conditions required to ensure great delivery, even in small gaps that fill in between multiple long hauls of transport. 

With so many positive attributes and a return on your investment, there is never a better time to earn your CDL class A and start a career in the transportation/drainage field! Drayage is a huge part of most transportation and logistics firms. Reach out to Heavy Weight Transport today to start on the path of becoming a drayage truck driver today!