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Best Trucking Jobs

At Heavy Weight Transport, we are dedicated to our employees so they can grow themselves and their careers all the while accomplishing great feats. Whether you are an experienced driver or just starting out on the road, we wanted to provide you with some helpful tips on finding the best trucking jobs. We will cover what you should look for in truck driver jobs and the requirements to land driver jobs.

We hope you use this guidance to find your next job whether it is with us or not. Regardless, we would be happy to know we helped out a fellow trucker. Of course, we are a bit biased to come work for us so if you are interested, learn more about our story and culture to see if it is a right fit.

Guidelines on finding driver jobs

The first question you may be asking yourself is “where do I find truck driver jobs?” Fortunately, in this modern high-tech age, it couldn’t be simpler with so much accessibility at your fingertips. Online job boards such as Ten Street make it easy to browse and filter trucking jobs by your preferences. You may already have an idea of the different companies you want to work for. We recommend you check out their specific websites and employment pages for driver jobs. Many businesses, like us, will offer opportunities by location as well as info on the role’s responsibilities and requirements. If you feel it is a right match, most websites will have the online application at the bottom of the page and you can apply right there and then.

Online job boards for trucking jobs

Now that you have a good starting point to find trucking jobs, here are a few considerations to think about. One, driver jobs are in high demand because of the shortage of truck drivers. What this means for you are many benefits especially if you are just entering the industry and may only have a couple of years of experience. Truck driver jobs are focusing on competitive pay, better job security, and improved benefits. You won’t go wrong with the several trucking jobs available.

Types of truck driver jobs

With that all being said, let us dive into the second consideration. Since there are so many opportunities out there, it would be wise to finalize which niche among driver jobs interests you. To name a few: tanker, flat bed, car hauler, ice road, mining, dump truck, and transport driving are all very promising areas. Depending on the concentration, some positions may be higher pay than others but they will require additional certifications and experience. Consider your own present abilities as well as where you would like to take your career in the future. If you are new, some of the work would be great to build experience and learn more about trucking jobs. So as you are browsing around for driver jobs, keep in mind the niche you could see yourself in.

Heavy Weight Transport specializes in drayage service meaning we carry freight over a short distance such as ocean containers or shipping for rail cars. We operate around the country from New Jersey to Los Angeles with several locations in between. We take pride that our company and specialization provides our employees with work flexibility that you cannot find in other niches. For example, 99% of our drivers sleep at home every night. However, we will cover the specific benefits for working with us later on.

Drayage driver

Necessary skills and experience for driver jobs

Once you find a few potential trucking jobs, you will want to ensure your skills and experience make you a qualified candidate. It should not come as a surprise that you will need a valid CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) so make sure you have obtained one prior to applying or have renewed yours. Additionally, try to secure your TWIC (Transportation Worker Identification Credential) as another prerequisite. Both the CDL and TWIC processes can take some time so get ahead of it if you foresee any future dilemmas, especially if you want to start the trucking jobs as soon as possible.

During the application process for driver jobs, many businesses conduct background checks including your motor vehicle record and drug alcohol violations. If you have a clean history, you should not have a problem; however, we understand past situations may arise. Be honest with your future employer and try to work out a resolution with them.

Above all else, showcase your skill set, experience, and interest in the truck driver jobs through a resume. Like applying for any other job, your resume helps companies get to know you a bit better as a first impression. We recommend keeping it simple and easy-to-read. Include the important details like name, address, contact information, education, work experience, licenses/certifications, and personal summary. There are plenty of online resources and templates available. Use them to your advantage and take your time with your resume.

Heavy Weight Transport intermodal truck driver jobs

We previously alluded to the many perks of working in drayage freight and being a part of Heavy Weight Transport. If you have gotten to this point and are eager for a career change, then we would love to hear from you. 

We have several open positions across the country including Savannah, Georgia, Elizabeth, New Jersey, Charleston, South Carolina, Long Beach, California, and Houston, Texas. Unlike other trucking niches, we offer everyday home time and competitive pay rates. That is not to forget to mention health benefits, 401K with company contributions, and weekly pay schedule.

Heavy weight driver

We are committed to growing our drivers and want to invest into their futures today. We are always looking for motivated individuals looking to work hard and move forward together. If Heavy Weight Transport does not sound like a fit, we understand, wish you the best on your next endeavor, and hope you found some helpful advice in this guide. Although, if you have what it takes and are looking forward to trucking jobs with us, we highly encourage you to view our open positions at a location near you. Feel free to let a qualified friend or family member know about the opportunities too.