About Heavy Weight Transport, Inc.

With an extensive background in the transportation industry, Heavy Weight Transport, Inc. has the expertise to handle all of your shipping requirements.

Beginning as a common carrier / contract carrier with operating authority in the continental United States, Heavy Weight took transporting to the next step. In 2000, with the passing of a new law for transporting Sealed Heavy Weight Ocean Borne Containers in New Jersey, we seized the opportunity to fulfill a much-needed transportation service.

Building on our successful implementation in New Jersey, Heavy Weight expanded our venture into other states hauling permitted overweight cargo. Utilizing our specialized fleet allows us to legally transport permitted heavy weight containers in compliance with each respective state's laws.

We provide shipping for various commodities (both dry and refrigerated), contact us for assistance in transporting your cargo, safely, securely and legally.

Contact us today and let us show you how we can transport your overweight cargo.

Our Mission & Philosophy

We strive to understand each customer's requirements and provide:

  • A multi-faceted experienced team
  • Freight and shipments transported legally
  • A readily available fleet.

With our competitive pricing and customer focus, we build relationships one at a time.


Heavy Weight Transport, Inc. is in full compliance with local and state regulations. We are fully permitted for overweight container drayage.


Staff Qualifications

Experienced, multi-faceted customer focused team dedicated in providing exceptional service for each customer.

With over 10 years of experience, each team member is detail oriented, safety conscious and listens to our customer's requirements to provide exactly what they need. Our teams are made up of customer service representatives, dispatchers, truck drivers and more.

Contact us today and let us transport your shipment with ease.


I have worked with the team at Heavy Weight Transport on multiple projects. They are easy to work with and you can count on the Heavy Weight Transport team to find the right solution for you and your company.

William, General Manager


Corporate Office: 20 North Avenue East, Elizabeth, NJ 07201
Phone: (973) 344-5722

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